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Share and manage Kubernetes resources between namespaces Sometimes that’s hard to manage Kubernetes resources that you need to have them in multiple namespaces (e.g. pullSecrets, TLSCerts or some shared web server plugins) to handle that we have to use a Reflector in our cluster, I found one on GitHub, but I had two problems with that, first you need a source resource to annotate or label but sometimes you are creating resources yourself and there is no need to have an extra namespace for starting point, So I made a K8s Operator that is able to handle both ;)
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Android Emulator as a Service

Today we are going to take a look at Google’s Android emulator server Docker Image and scripts First of all lets talk about why we such feature in our company or our personal usage A central emulator for easy access no extra android device connect to PC/Laptop Better resource management for local computers When we do a change it’s available for every person that we want Now let’s start the nice process Requirement A debian based linux host Make sure docker, git, python (and pip), docker-compose are installed being able to use qemu-kvm and make sure it’s installed Lets do it… NOTE: banner picture was for lazy persons or if you want an automation on top of that
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Docker Builds Made Faster

This Post will give you an introduction to Docker BuildKit & Buildx What is buildkit? Buildkit is a project made by moby it’s working on top of docker to give you ability to have custom volumes while building images (caching, secret, etc.) Using buildkit you cat easily cache package managers (even if you change packages), change network mode per-layer, secret files only for one layer, ssh keys (cloning a repo), or running one layer as privileged, and also faster than normal docker :)
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